Raghav, an experienced IT/Cybersecurity professional and immigrant, successfully triumphed over two Canadian layoffs, exemplifying adaptability. Having recently walked the newcomer’s path, he understands the importance of stable employment to fuel your Canadian dream. He navigated and switched domains himself, recognizing the power of evolving with changing technology. His hands-on expertise can assist you in breaking into IT, transitioning to Cybersecurity, or making a career change, ultimately leading to success.

9 Steps + 90 Days = Employment

  1. Weekly Peer Network – Informational Interviews (Online only)
  2. One-on-one with Ambassadors (Community)
  3. How to ignite your Personal Brand (Online Only)
  1. Weekly Wednesday Speed Networking (Community)
  2. Always on Whatsapp Group (Community)
  3. Monthly interview SOS – First Saturday of every month
  1. Immigrant reveal secrets to get jobs in your profession (Webinar only)
  2. Linkedin newsletters on job finding (Online only)
  3. 90 Days in your first job (Webinar only)