A passionate multilingual Empowerment and Values-Inspired Coach, DEIB and Organizational Development Specialist, and fervent mental health advocate with over 20 years of international corporate leadership experience from Finance to HR before settling in Canada.

My coaching practice is rooted in Self-Knowledge-And-Living-Life-Intentionally (S.K.A.L.L.I.) principles helping ambitious professionals to unlock their authentic greater version of themselves while achieving higher values-alignment in their life and career and seeing options differently. #HumanUp #BeGREAT

9 Steps + 90 Days = Employment

  1. Weekly Peer Network – Informational Interviews (Online only)
  2. One-on-one with Ambassadors (Community)
  3. How to ignite your Personal Brand (Online Only)
  1. Weekly Wednesday Speed Networking (Community)
  2. Always on Whatsapp Group (Community)
  3. Monthly interview SOS – First Saturday of every month
  1. Immigrant reveal secrets to get jobs in your profession (Webinar only)
  2. Linkedin newsletters on job finding (Online only)
  3. 90 Days in your first job (Webinar only)