The Immigrant Networks Ambassadors Program

Our Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds and possess expertise in various fields. All of them are immigrants who have achieved success in their careers in Canada and are now choosing to give back to the vibrant immigrant community by volunteering their time. Importantly, we select our ambassadors based on their demonstrated commitment to success in Canada and their support for fellow immigrants.


Alka Kumar

As an educator and a lifelong learner, I believe that life is full of possibilities.

I see myself as a bridge-builder, always trying to connect research with practice. I’m a Research Fellow at CERC in Migration (TMU); and a practitioner too. I believe in the valuable insights research produces, but more important is to apply those learnings to understand `lived experiences,’ and create solution-spaces. I’m passionate about helping immigrants overcome job-integration challenges so they can realize their true potential, and achieve the dreams that bring them to Canada.


Anju Kakkar


I consider myself a writer with an expressionist mindset.

Anju is the Managing Editor of Humber Press at the Office of Research & Innovation at Humber College. With a career that spans 25+ years, she possesses excellent organizational and people skills built over interaction with multi-cultural peers. The values of purpose, inclusivity and collaboration drive Anju. Years of experience interacting with key players of different organizations accords Anju the opportunity to have a holistic view of the situation.


Ankit Rattan


I am a good story teller

Ankit is a civil engineering professional with over a decade of experience in the construction sector, academia and in arts (both performing and static). He believes the first step towards learning is to have an open mind, and that everyone can learn to adapt with the right attitude. Ankit is open to connect and learn from fellow professionals.


Anna Garleff

General Management, HR, Strategy

Deep expertise comes from experience, qualifications, and a natural aptitude for your skill set. Taking it to the next level is when leaders develop leaders -- and that's what ImmNet is all about.

Anna, an Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach, was the former Director of the Open University (UK) operations in Germany. Specializing in C-Suite leadership, she co-founded two centers of excellence and a nonprofit. Renowned for identifying and leveraging unique talent profiles, Anna guides stakeholders in complex socio-political and technical landscapes. Having lived and worked globally, she faced challenges, including repatriating to Canada. Now, she dedicates much of her time to helping newcomers.


Armando Diaz


I'm always willing to challenge the status quo in order to improve myself.

Arriving in Canada in 2018 through the Express Entry program from Mexico, I've cultivated a career in technical B2B sales, marketing, and product management. Through Immigrant Networks, I've connected with and supported fellow immigrants, learning from some and offering advice to others on settling in Canada. As an Ambassador, I'm privileged to pay it forward, making the journey easier for fellow immigrants and contributing to the vibrant community that welcomed me to this great new home.


Ayo Owodunni's headshot

Ayo Owudunni

General Management

Biryani or Jollof rice please?

I am a real estate investor and a Management Consultant (Diversity and Equity). I am also on radio speaking on issues related to immigration and helping new immigrants settle. I am passionate about helping new immigrants soar in Canada. This gives me an opportunity to give back. Many rolled up their sleeves to help me in my career. It is my turn to do the same.


Charanjeev Bansal's headshot

Chiranjeeve Bansal


I'm passionate about creating interactive frameworks to solve business communication problems.

I have more than 11 years of experience in building high-performance, productivity-focused, and agile sales teams for both inside sales and field sales verticals across Banking, Financial Services and Insurance space, E-Commerce, Consumer Durable Goods, and Technology Services industry. I have been heading the acquisition vertical(inside sales) for Google Customer Solutions (Google Ads) and Google Cloud for the SMB segment as a vendor. As an Ambassador for Immigrant Networks, I look forward to supporting newcomers establish their careers in Canada.


Dylan Menezes


I'm a Manchester United fan!

Dylan is passionate about helping immigrants in Digital Marketing get a job in Canada. Though digital skills are global, immigrants find it difficult to get their first job here and that’s because the job search process in Canada is very unique. Having been in Canada for 4+ years and with the experience of 2 major banks under his belt, he wants to pass on his learning to immigrants looking to make a career in Digital Marketing here.


Farhad Ahmad


I have worked for two multilateral donor banks at the same time.

Financial analyst with a diverse background in banking, management, consulting, and economic development. Originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, I moved to Canada in 2021. Leveraging my experience, I've contributed to numerous professional boards and associations, recognizing the transformative power of networks. Passionate about fostering connections, I aim to empower others through various platforms, driven by the belief in the compound effect of meaningful associations.

Richmond Hill

Hammad Siddiqui

General Management, Strategy

I help my clients become digital solopreneurs by monetizing their knowledge on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an integral part of Job Search Strategy for any immigrant in Canada. However, over 90% immigrants do not understand how LinkedIn should be used for finding opportunities in the job market. As an Ambassador at Immigrant Networks and a Professional LinkedIn Coach, I am delighted to support Canadian Immigrants in making their transition to a new job market swift and successful.


Hazel Dsouza's headshot

Hazel Dsouza


I have a hidden talent for savoring chocolate treats

Meet Hazel Dsouza, a seasoned Human Resources professional with 6 years of experience driving organizational success through strategic HR initiatives. As an immigrant who has personally navigated the newcomer journey, Hazel recognizes the challenges but firmly believes in the transformative power of resilience and opportunity. With a passion for people and a commitment to making a positive impact, she is excited to contribute to the mission of supporting immigrants on their journey towards a brighter future.


Hiren Dahiya's headshot

Hiren Daiya

Project Manager

I am fueled by a relentless passion for positive change.

I'm a dedicated Project Manager renowned for driving positive change in healthcare operations and academic administration. With a history of delivering impactful results, I bring a strategic and results-oriented approach to every project I undertake. Fueled by a relentless passion for positive change, I actively seek opportunities to apply my diverse skill set, data-driven approach, and project management expertise. I look forward to support and guide newcomers with Immigrant Networks as an ambassador.


Khristine Carino


Ask me about social impact. I’ll help you get a seat at the decision-making table.

Arriving in Canada as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia, I shifted from academia to the non-profit sector, focusing on empowering immigrant women in tech. Transitioning from a professorial role to supporting employment, I found fulfillment in my new path. Serving as the past president of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST), I passionately advocate for inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism, particularly amplifying the voices of racialized women.


Kunal Sevak


Tech Professional by day, artist by Heart - Crafting sustainable strategies for a better tomorrow!

With over 8 years of experience in the IT industry, I excel at leading MNCs and currently serve as a Cloud Data Engineer and Technical Product Owner at an InsureTech Startup. I am passionate about leveraging technology to enhance the immigrant experience in Canada. I find immense joy in sharing my expertise to empower newcomers on their journey.


Luna D


I speak 6 languages and dream to learn 4 more

I am a talent acquisition specialist as well as an HR professional with work experience across India, Australia and Canada. My focus areas are best practices in interviewing as well as self management topics. My lived experiences- living in 3 countries in less than 10 years- has given me insights on the professional and personal nuances which help individuals with self management and personal branding when moving to a new country.


Madhur Kishore


I'm a curious person who likes to delve into multiple hobbies beyond work- from creative writing to painting to trying something new

I am a Marketing Communications professional with over 11 years of experience in e-commerce, media, and ed-tech across India and Canada. Arriving in Canada in 2019, I recognize the significance of networking for professional growth. As an Immigrant Networks ambassador, I aim to assist newcomers in Canada by sharing effective strategies for building a professional base, expanding their networks, and establishing themselves in their respective fields.


Mahima Passi


I have a collection of funny quotes t-shirts. They're my way of spreading a little laughter without saying a word 🙂

I firmly believe that success is a journey, not a destination. As I continue to learn and grow as an HR professional, I am committed to helping others on their own journeys by sharing my experiences. With Immigrant Networks, I have found a community that supports my growth and I am eager to pay it forward by helping others who are also looking to succeed in their new home.


Manas Khanna's headshot

Manas Khanna


I am a published photographer and love to spend time with my 5 year old.

Manas Khanna, an esteemed AVP of Global Technology Operations, spearheads diverse global teams in IT, DevOps, and SRE domains. With 15+ years of industry proficiency, he orchestrates strategic initiatives, optimizing operational efficiencies and fostering innovation. His adept leadership ensures seamless collaboration, delivering robust technological solutions that meet and exceed business objectives. Manas' unwavering commitment to excellence drives his teams toward achieving operational excellence and adapting to evolving industry landscapes.


Mihir Joshi


Carve your own path, and the rest will follow!

I am an Information technology professional with experience in Business Analysis and Product Development. I am passionate about helping new immigrants to settle in Canada. I am honoured to be an Immigrant network ambassador and would love to help fellow new immigrants finding their piece of opportunities here in Canada. Feel free to connect with me for advice on career in Information technology, moving to Tier-2 cities in other parts of Canada.


Mukul Mehta's headshot

Mukul Mehta

Account Executive

Connecting with people and building positive long-term relationships is important to me!

Over my years of experience in sales, technology and client management, I’ve successfully driven results by leading with vision. I like a good challenge, and I take a goals-oriented approach to every business problem that my clients face. As an immigrant, I understand the challenges that newcomers face when trying to transition and adapt to the Canadian workplace culture. I look forward to helping them navigate this phase successfully.


Nandhini navinkumar's headshot

Nandhini Navinkumar


I was a radio jockey with one of India’s top FM station!

Experienced E-commerce professional with a proven track record of success in online retail and banking domain in India and Canada. Passionate about strategic planning, digital marketing, and optimising customer experiences. Ready to contribute e-commerce insights and expertise to support fellow professionals in digital or e-commerce domain. I am here to empower and mentor aspiring e-commerce professionals by tailoring guidance that meets everyone’s goals.


Neet's headshot

Neeti Khullar


Communications professionals are like linguistic acrobats – they can spin words, juggle messages, and perform verbal gymnastics to make even the most complex ideas sound clear and compelling!

Global Communications and PR expert, skilled in problem-solving and team collaboration. Specializes in internal/external communications, digital outreach, stakeholder engagement, and compelling content creation.Passionate about using communications for positive business outcomes and societal change. As an Ambassador, she aspires to be a change maker, dedicated to helping people thrive, fostering meaningful connections, and supporting them in achieving their goals.


Neha Sharma


As an adventurous person, I cherish my experiences of travel, skydiving, and scuba diving while at the same time I center myself through meditation and mindfulness.

I am an HR Professional and a certified Spiritual Healer and Life Coach. I came to Canada as an international student, transitioning my career after being a Flight Attendant for 15 years. My passion lies in empowering individuals to embrace self-development through a growth mindset. Having faced life's challenges and vicissitudes with resilience and perseverance, I have learnt through my life’s journey and emerged stronger and wiser.


Pallavi Mauji


I believe in continuous learning and have a deep desire to empower IEPs to realize their full potential.

I am an HR professional working in non-for-profit organization. Having been an immigrant myself, I gained valuable insights from mentors and government-funded programs that honed my skills. I currently assist internationally trained professionals in transitioning to their respective industries through funded training. These experiences are priceless for newcomers, offering reassurance that with time and a well-thought-out plan, successful integration is within reach.


Pia Baldos headshot

Pia Baldos


People know me for my excellent time management skills, attention to detail, & growth mindset.

Pia, a seasoned technical communicator with over a decade of experience, excels in crafting clear end-user documents, client-facing communications, marketing copy etc. As a former presidential correspondent and speechwriter dedicated to public service, she advocates for good governance, social equity, gender empowerment, and multiculturalism. Through coaching and conversation circles, Pia channels her passion for communication to help individuals find their voice. Serving as an Ambassador, she derives joy from mentoring newcomers and witnessing their growth.


Preeti Somal


I'm a passionate advocate for kindness, mental health & wellbeing, gender & racial equality, equity and sustainability.

In 2020, amid the pandemic, Gurpreet relocated from Bombay, India, to Vancouver, Canada. Raised in diverse environments, Gurpreet's passion for storytelling and social impact led her to a Master's in International Broadcast Journalism (UK) and a Wharton Specialization in 'Business Strategies for a Better World.' Now, as the Senior Communications Advisor for B.C. & Yukon at the Canadian Red Cross, she eagerly anticipates aiding newcomers and immigrants making Canada their new home.


Raghav Bhardwaj


I'm a a certified Yoga instructor.

Raghav, an experienced IT/Cybersecurity professional and immigrant, successfully triumphed over two Canadian layoffs, exemplifying adaptability. Having recently walked the newcomer's path, he understands the importance of stable employment to fuel your Canadian dream. He navigated and switched domains himself, recognizing the power of evolving with changing technology. His hands-on expertise can assist you in breaking into IT, transitioning to Cybersecurity, or making a career change, ultimately leading to success.


Rakhee Gehani's headshot

Rakhee Gehani


In my spare time, I like to practice self-talk, volunteer, and eat delicious food.

Before moving to Canada, I worked as a HR professional in Asia. I moved to Canada to pursue higher studies in HR. Leaving Asia, I traveled 12,000 km to Regina, where I completed my Master's in HR at the University of Regina. It is now my mission to make a positive contribution to the HR field as a professional.


Rishin Chatterjee


Serious and fun loving - all in one

Rishin came to Canada in 2018 with his family. From starting his professional journey by giving out UberEats coupons, he is now a National Brand Manager at a reputed Canadian company. Rishin feels that the majority of issues plaguing immigrants can be solved with empathy. He understands the roadblocks that they face in establishing their careers here. His practical approach towards driving success for immigrants has been widely appreciated.


Roman Isakov


At some point I discovered I have too many hobbies. First I thought that it was a drawback. But I realized that it just means that I love life! So now I don't feel bad about it anymore and just prioritize them so that I can enjoy the gift of life to the fullest.

After landing I had to navigate a difficult immigration process. Had to invent my own path, because of my unusual situation back then. No one could guide me. With perseverance I grew form a vulnerable newcomer, to having a job in IT, becoming a business owner and a home owner. Never had fewer than 2 jobs during my 9 years in Canada. Imagine the support and guidance I could share.


Shahzad Gidwani


As a horologist, I have a passion for watches of various designs and eras.

With over two decades across diverse industries, I bring seasoned expertise in sales and marketing leadership, coupled with international management proficiency. My strengths lie in competitive positioning, fostering client relationships, strategic planning, and engaging globally, all contributing to revenue growth through inventive strategies and teamwork. I've maintained a track record of delivering operational excellence and driving profitability. My leadership transforms and cultivates talent.


Shreeya Shakya


I focus on the guiding light ahead of me, trusting myself and the universe.

Moving to Canada during the pandemic posed a bigger challenge for professional networking. I joined Immigrant Networks soon after I started my job search process, and it was one of the best choices I made. Immigrant Networks matched me with professionals from my sector and it provided me valuable information about the job market, ways to approach the job search, and most importantly a lot of encouragement and hope.


Shriharsha Bhat


I am an avid foodie traveler who slow-travels to new destinations each year!

I am a Marketing Director/Entrepreneur with unparalleled experience in Strategic B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Automation for Fortune 150 Medical Device companies, and HealthTech Scale-ups across North America, and South Asia. Newcomers to Canada can pick my brain on how marketing varies here, how to build a network in your industry, how to be successful in marketing, and much more!


Sophia Badakshan


I connect ideas and people! You can find me striking up a conversation anywhere, anytime.

As an integrator, I derive joy from fostering meaningful connections and aiding others. Having experienced immigration as a young student and teaching assistant, I witnessed the challenges faced by my parents, friends, and peers. I aim to share my insights and advocate for individuals of all ages with diverse needs to fulfill their potential. Engaging with immigrant networks led me to Untapped, a remarkable organization with like-minded individuals actively addressing immigrant challenges at the grassroots level.


Soumya Sharma


Exploring topics on Quantum Physics, Topographical Geography, Ancient History (Pre 2500 BC) and Fighter Jets.

~4 years of leading HR practices in small to large scale organisations in Canada. Migrated to Canada 15 days before the 2020 pandemic lockdowns were enforced. Found my first role after 6 months of trials, rejections, mistakes and a tonne of learnings.Working in the HR domain since 10+ years, I have worked in organisations having an employee strength ranging from 75 to 15000 in IT, Consulting and Retail sectors.


Youssef Skalli

HR, General Management

Co-author of 3 leadership book anthologies. Ask me about them.

A passionate multilingual Empowerment and Values-Inspired Coach, DEIB and Organizational Development Specialist, and fervent mental health advocate with over 20 years of international corporate leadership experience from Finance to HR before settling in Canada. My coaching practice is rooted in Self-Knowledge-And-Living-Life-Intentionally (S.K.A.L.L.I.) principles helping ambitious professionals to unlock their authentic greater version of themselves while achieving higher values-alignment in their life and career and seeing options differently. #HumanUp #BeGREAT

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