Immigrant Networks Ambassadors

The Immigrant Networks Ambassadors Program

Meet our ambassadors. Those who truly demonstrate a commitment to succeed in Canada and support their fellow Immigrants.

Shreeya Shakya

Moving to Canada during the pandemic posed a bigger challenge for professional networking. I joined Immigrant Networks soon after I started my job search process, and it was one of the best choices I made. Immigrant Networks matched me with professionals from my sector and it provided me valuable information about the job market, ways to approach the job search, and most importantly a lot of encouragement and hope.

I am thrilled to join the Immigrant Networks Ambassador program to share our journeys, learnings, and support newcomers to Canada. We provide our collected experience of starting a new life in Canada to support newcomers navigating the new Canadian life. 

Roman Isakov

Immigrating to a new country is starting a new life. It’s like being born again. In your first years of life, you are vulnerable and are in need in maximum support, help and protection. This is where the Immigrant Networks steps in. We, as successful immigrants know the challenges that the newcomers face. We are aware of the common mistakes an immigrant should avoid and of the mindset that will help people to have an easy start in their new home. We, the ambassadors can contribute to the bright future of the families that immigrate with their hearts full of hope.

Soumya Sharma

In the sea of LinkedIn, it is very hard to determine how, when and where will it work for you. I understand this as I have lived through that stressful phase. I landed in Canada 15 days before the worldwide lockdowns were imposed due to Covid. As an immigrant, I wish I would have received an appropriate and sincere assistance from a mentor, especially during those unprecedented times. I faced over 270 rejections, survived a survival job and eventually networking helped me secure my first job in Canada. Hence, I was able to make a robust program and having coached multiple individuals towards successfully securing jobs, I am confident that I can make a positive impact in your efforts.

As an ambassador, I can provide you insights on what can you do to succeed in your life at Canada and in return I will continue to extend my network, a perfect win-win situation for all.

Rishin Chatterjee

Rishin has had an exciting marketing career spanning over 16 years across various industries. He has worked with global companies such as Bacardi (Canada & India) and Lafarge in India, and also helped a Canadian e-commerce start-up grow in scale in a relatively short while in 2018-19. He currently works with Charton Hobbs, a prestigious Canadian beverage alcohol company, as a Regional Marketing Manager.

Why Immigrant Networks and The Ambassador Program:

Because being a recent immigrant I understand the challenges new immigrants can face in their early days in Canada and I want to shorten their learning curves/reduce their hardship incidences, by providing them my experiences in dealing with common and uncommon situations.

Meena Kaini

Meena Kaini is rediscovering herself as an immigrant in Canada. Originally from Nepal, Meena has had a long career in journalism and as a communication professional working with the American Embassy in Kathmandu.

Immigrant Network came to me when I was at a low point and lonely. Whether it is through the engaging content I’ve related to on LinkedIn or through the weekly chats with a fellow immigrant, I have met like-minded people and professionals, some of whom have become friends to me. Immigrating and settling in a new country is a challenge, and while our situations can be unique our struggles are similar. This network has helped me stay afloat, persevere, and reinvent – I hope we can help you do the same.