Are you a newcomer to Canada working in Information Communication Technology or related digital fields?

If so, you may be eligible to receive $112!

(Apply only if you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or persons who have been granted refugee status in Canada.)

Simply fill out the form below and keep an eye on your inbox for the next steps. Here are the eligibility requirements

✔️ You have recently found work in Canada.

✔️ You are working in an ICT or related field*

✔️ You are a Permanent Resident, or Canadian Citizen and eligible to work in Canada.

*list of eligible professions

Computer analyst
Computer systems analyst
Information systems quality assurance (QA) analyst
Management information systems (MIS) analyst
Systems consultant
Computer game developer
Application programmer
Electronic business (e-business) software developer
Multimedia developer
Software development project manager
Computer programmer
Programmer analyst
Systems programmer
Computer systems manager
Business systems manager
Cloud solutions architect manager
Data centre manager
Data processing director
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) manager
Management information system (MIS) manager
Software development manager
Software engineering manager
Systems development manager
Technical delivery manager – information technology (IT)
Technical program manager – information technology (IT)
Cybersecurity analyst
Informatics security analyst
Informatics security consultant
Information technology (IT) security specialist
Systems security analyst
Data administrator
Data dictionary administrator
Database administrator (DBA)
Digital Marketing
Digital Communications
Technical architect – database
Quantitative analyst
Machine learning specialist
Machine learning engineer
Data scientist
Data architect
Data administrator
Data dictionary administrator
Database administrator (DBA)
Technical architect – database
Vocational institute teacher
Training officer – company
Lecturer – college
General and vocational college (CEGEP) teacher
Computer training instructor
Community college teacher
College teacher
Website developer
Web manager
Internet site developer
Electronic business (e-business) Website developer
Call centre agent – technical support
Client support representative – systems
Computer help desk representative – systems
Computer help desk supervisor
Hardware installation technician
Hardware technical support analyst
Help desk technician
Software installation technician

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