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Connecting with Strangers on LinkedIn

2024-02-14T01:19:04+00:00February 1, 2024|

Welcome to Canada, where every new LinkedIn connection you make is like adding another piece to your unique Canadian story. Let's begin building those connections! 🇨🇦 Are you a newcomers to Canada who is looking to kickstart their journey in this diverse and opportunity-filled country? Yes? Great! then let's get started! We all know that [...]

Immigrant Talent: Insights from HR and Marketing Trailblazers

2024-01-31T18:57:26+00:00January 30, 2024|

In this edition of our newsletter, we are thrilled to bring you a unique blend of wisdom and experience from two professionals who have embarked on a journey to establish themselves in this welcoming nation. Our spotlight shines on two remarkable individuals: Hazel Dsouza, an HR professional skilled in the art of interviewing and understanding [...]

9 Soft Skills No Immigrant Should Be Without!

2024-01-15T18:46:54+00:00January 15, 2024|

There is a term you’ll start to hear quite often now that you’re in Canada — “soft skills.” What does this term mean? Well, to help define it, let’s first look at the term with the opposite meaning — “hard skills.” Hard skills are all the technical know-how, credentials and experience you have in your [...]

7 Essential Winter Safety Tips for Newcomers in Canada

2024-01-31T19:09:56+00:00December 26, 2023|

Welcome to the winter wonderland! 🍁 Embracing the winter season in Canada can be an enriching experience for many newcomers, offering an array of activities such as sledding, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, and more—unique opportunities that may not be readily available in their home countries. Nevertheless, it's crucial to note that the Canadian winter is [...]

The Curious Case of Immigrants and Finding Relevant Jobs ft Talent Expert

2024-01-31T18:57:02+00:00December 20, 2023|

Picture yourself arriving in Canada during the heart of winter, having come from a tropical country and wearing attire suited for warm climates. Would this approach be effective? Not, really! Well, this is the same mistake which immigrants usually tend to make when they land in Canada with an aspiration to find a relevant job. [...]

Strategically Approaching Jobs and Industry Experts in Canada

2024-01-31T18:56:53+00:00December 10, 2023|

Welcome to Canada! As a newcomer to this diverse and dynamic country, embarking on your professional journey can be both exciting and challenging. Integrating into a new work culture, building a professional network, and securing opportunities in your field are crucial steps to establishing a successful career. But have we stopped and do we [...]

Tips and Tricks for using Corporate Language ft Communication Expert

2024-01-31T18:56:32+00:00November 30, 2023|

Picture this: You've just stepped into the bustling corporate world, armed with enthusiasm and determination. As you navigate through the maze of business lingo, you encounter a linguistic rollercoaster like no other. The ride takes you from lofty 18th-century reverences to the mean streets of modern-day slang. It's like playing language hopscotch! Are you a [...]

Mastering the Job application process in Canada

2024-01-31T18:53:55+00:00November 15, 2023|

Welcome to Canada, the land of diverse opportunities and new beginnings! As a newcomer to this beautiful country, you will get a chance to embrace the warm Canadian hospitality, scenery, global cuisine but while you are enjoying this....don't forget you need to apply for jobs! Ah yes! The job search process. Overwhelming, challenging and daunting! [...]

Interview Practice session for success ft Interview Expert

2024-01-31T18:53:43+00:00October 30, 2023|

You're sitting in front of your computer screen, dressed to impress, waiting for the Zoom call to begin. The anticipation builds, and you feel a mix of nerves and excitement. It's your time to shine and land that dream job! But wait... you need the ultimate interview tips to ace this crucial moment. Are you [...]

Hidden job market in Canada

2024-01-31T18:53:29+00:00October 15, 2023|

Picture this: You're a newcomer to Canada, ready to dive into the exciting world of job hunting. You've polished your resume, honed your interview skills, optimized your LinkedIn, and even mastered your elevator pitch. But wait! There's a secret realm of employment opportunities lurking beneath the surface – the hidden job market. As a newcomer [...]

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