6 Smart Ways to Save for a Home in Canada

By |March 13, 2022|Categories: Money|

As children, our earliest memories are those of sitting on the living room floor – colourful crayons or Lego blocks in hand – drawing & building imaginary houses. That’s our first peek into home ownership, something which eventually becomes such an important part of our adult aspirations! Deciding to buy a home is one of life's most rewarding experiences and possessing our own home makes us feel mentally settled. Saving for the down payment, however, is another story altogether. It can be one of the biggest problems on the path to achieving this dream.  [...]

Navigate The Hidden Job Market in Canada

By |January 8, 2021|Categories: Immigration|

Now that you've arrived and are searching for your first job in Canada, take advantage of the many resources available to you. These include job boards, newspapers, company websites, employment centres, and recruitment agencies. However, these sources represent only a small portion of vacant jobs in the economy at any time. The majority of jobs are never advertised. This is known as the "hidden job market", and successfully navigating it can make a huge difference in finding the best job for you in Canada. What [...]

7 reasons why newcomers should learn to speak with strangers.

By |November 16, 2020|Categories: Immigration|

I know, I know! We were taught since childhood not to speak to strangers. Kids nowadays are taught ‘stranger- danger’. But let’s face it, as a newcomer chances are almost all the people you meet will be strangers! Your settlement worker, an interview conducted on Zoom and hopefully in short order, your colleagues at work. All strangers. For the past two decades, when I have been speaking to groups of immigrants, I often encourage them to go to a grocery store and speak to a [...]

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