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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a Canadian who wants to help, how can I get involved?2020-11-15T18:48:42+00:00

Absolutely! In order for us immigrants and students to succeed, who better to learn from than someone who was born here! Whether you have a background working with associated stakeholders or have services (STRICTLY NO MLM!) that would benefit newcomers, feel free to jump into the conversation. We will shortly be adding this as a category.

Can I reschedule my meetings?2020-11-15T18:48:31+00:00

Absolutely. Reply all to the email you receive which goes to the guest and copies us as well.

How long does it take to get a match?2020-11-15T18:48:15+00:00

Once you have registered, the software will send you your match within 48 hours, sometimes less.

Do I need to have a LinkedIn profile to get matched?2020-11-15T18:48:04+00:00

Yes. Our software gets information from your LinkedIn profile in order to match you

I am an international student looking for a job, how will this help?2020-11-15T18:47:41+00:00

A large percentage of international students choose to become permanent residents. All students need to be job ready in order to get the requisite hours to qualify for PR. This is where we can help by creating a virtual network for your profession in Canada

What if I want to have more meetings?2020-11-15T18:47:31+00:00

At this stage we are only offering one meeting a week but stay tuned for more on this soon!

Are there any restrictions on professions?2020-11-15T18:47:21+00:00

No, obviously this serves people based on their LinkedIn profile, so all such professions will be allowed.

How do I get matched?2020-11-15T18:46:12+00:00

Our software is designed to look for data points based on your registration so you will essentially tell us who you want to meet. As our membership grows, you will have many that you will want to connect with!

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