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Immigrant Networks is a worldwide community founded by one of Canada’s best-known immigrants, Nick Noorani. Nick was born in Mumbai, India, and came to Canada in 1998. Although he had international experience in advertising and marketing in three different countries, he faced many challenges in his new Canadian home, and he noticed that many other immigrants were also struggling. This inspired Nick to initiate a revolution to help newcomers in Canada, in any possible way.

In his quest to educate new immigrants he co-authored the best-selling book Arrival Survival Canada (2002), published by Oxford University Press. 

This led to the creation and launch in 2004 of the Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Canada’s first national magazine for all immigrants. In 2007, Nick sold the magazine to Star Media Group – a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. and continued his position as Publisher. Nick also developed the magazine’s Lilian To Scholarship, giving away $55,000 of education to newcomers annually, and its national Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards that recognized immigrant contributions to Canada.

In addition, he is also the author of Welcome to Canada the official Government of Canada book given to every immigrant. (Click here for a free download)

Nick has been in the shoes of immigrants and knows what it is like to be in a new country and be confused, and anxious about your journey, this is why for much of his life he has been working towards helping newcomers, and now he is on a mission to help new immigrants coming from his homeland – India. 

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