You’ve Been Approved for Canada, Now What?

The Desi way of settling successfully in Canada!

What’s in the ebook

✔️ Don’t Leave Unprepared

✔️ Research about the Country, Province, City

✔️ Get your Documents’ Checklist Ready

✔️ What happens at immigration

✔️  Packing Checklist – “Canada mein sab milta hai lekin CAD mein”

✔️ Get yourself ready for the Canadian job market

✔️ Work on your communication skills- “India wali English nahi chalegi” 

✔️ Open a bank account before you land

✔️ Book temporary accommodation

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Why should you read this eBook?


  • Exclusively written for Indian immigrants by successful Desi immigrants
  • Got a Desi solution for all the above problems & more
  • Contains information that is not there on the internet
  • You will know what to expect in Canada
  • End to End guide from Packing to Accommodation
  • It’s written for newcomers to help them settle 
  • Pro Tips that you never heard of


Wondering who we are?

Immigrant Networks is a close-knit community of Immigrants established by an immigrant Nick Noorani and his fellow Immigrant Networks ambassadors. Nick is known for his social and entrepreneurial work with newcomers. He is also the founder of the Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Prepare for Canada, and Arrival Survival Canada, which is published by Oxford University Press. 

Immigrant Networks’ goal is to use this platform to connect you with Canada’s best employers based on your skill set and have a successful life in Canada. We want to empower every Indian immigrant and international student by enhancing their networking skills, and guiding them so that they aren’t left behind. We want every immigrant to be recognized on the basis of their qualification and capabilities with the help of networking– that’s why we call it -Networking for Life! 

Over the past 2 years, Immigrant Networks has helped numerous newcomers to settle and, most importantly, land their first job in their field of work. This time we want to help immigrants exclusively from India. 

Join us today, to embark on the journey of establishing a successful life in Canada!

HSBC Immigrant Networks