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All you need to do is fill in the registration form and submit. Remember to include the link to your LinkedIn profile as that will give us your professional information which is essential to find you jobs and professional connections in Canada.


Once you have done this, we go to work creating the best match for you to improve job prospects and connecting you every week for a one on one video call with a professional in your field. You will get a calendar invite with an embedded video link. Accept it and away you go.


You will continue to get weekly matches by email to grow your professional network. If these are incorrect in any way, or do not meet your requirements, you can let us know by giving us your feedback or inputs in reply to an email that you will receive after the video call.

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Immigrant Networks’ proprietary software and dedicated team will connect you with individuals from your profession and allow you to access Canada’s hidden job market.

We will send you weekly connections that will help you build a solid professional network that you can now rely on for formal and informal mentorships as well as a sounding board for professional situations while uncovering Canada’s hidden job market.

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Why Choose Immigrant Networks?


I got connected to a person who mentored me to get my first job in Canada” – Ram S.

I immediately connected with professionals from my career who helped me understand the job market” – Tracy A.

I connected with a person who guided me to get low interest loans so I could requalify for my profession” – Frank P.

I was really lucky to get connected with a Canadian from my profession who helped me adapt my resume for the Canadian market. I am now working and we are in regular contact in my journey” – Laila D.

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Networking has never been easier!

New to Canada and seeking to connect professionally? Searching for jobs in Canada? Want to connect with a chemical engineer or a software developer in Canada to find job opportunities? Looking for professional networking tips? Still thinking about that business idea but have no mentor? Want to improve communication or presentation skills? Registering with Immigrant Networks can get you all the answers and set you up for success!


Create your own professional Network & get Referrals and tips on how to find jobs in Canada

Word-of-mouth referrals

Grow your network and job finding through Word-of-mouth referrals


Connect with peers!

Job finding

Get insights into job finding and working styles

Improve your presentation skills

Every week you will meet a stranger and present your skills, much like in an interview. Get feedback instantly!

Hidden Job Market

Discover Canada’s hidden job market through inside tips and explore more job prospects

Trust Building

Build trusted relationships and get expert advice


Create casual mentorship opportunities


Connect with other professionals in your field to boost your learning of Canada

Explore alternative careers & Business Opportunities

Many immigrants who are in regulated professions, opt for alternative careers and succeed! Ask them how they did it!

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And There’s More!

Make the Most of These Meetings and Match

Treat these meetings as a learning experience. Dress smart, present yourself like you would if you were on an online interview.

Ask questions, do not dominate the conversation. Show interest in the other person, remember you are here as much to learn and then share!

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You Can Help! Canadians Welcome to Pitch In

In order for us immigrants and students to succeed, who better to learn from than someone who was born here! Whether you have a background working with associated stakeholders or have services (STRICTLY NO MLM!) that would benefit newcomers, feel free to jump into the conversation and add on to the social work that we do. We will shortly be adding this as a category.

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