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80% gave a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 for the conversation and experience! Make sure you join them in growing their professional network by joining Immigrant Networks.

  • I am so thankful to you for the opportunity and for a wonderful mentor match like this. M.K.
  • I had a fantastic experience to connecting with JE thanks to immigrantnetworks.com. As professionals from the same field, we need to collaborate and grow together. Thanks, Nick (Naeem) Noorani for building this bridge. JF
  • I recently joined your immigration network and had my first ever networking call last night. I wanted to say how much I appreciated it and your thoughts and efforts behind creating this community of professionals. Thank you so much! T.R.
  • I had a good conversation with S. I sent her some links and reading material to help her with the process of settling in the country. RM
  • Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me today. I enjoyed our conversation about our difficulties as a new immigrant getting the right opportunity in the Canadian market. It is my pleasure to stay in touch and exchange my experience in the banking field with professionals like yourself. I would like to thank again Mr. Noorani for giving the opportunity to expand my professional network which will hopefully open a door in the future. MA
  • We had a great conversation. I accepted his LinkedIn invite and after that we had the opportunity to have several conversations regarding his experience in Canada and mine. Excellent match. JS
  • The matches are working pretty well from my perspective and I met impressive people. I do hope we will continue this initiative in the future and will be glad to share ideas, experience, knowledge and general information with different people from various areas. YT
  • I’m really enjoying it.  The combinations were perfect.  Everything as expected.  We started to follow each other on LinkedIn, and I hope to have other connections in the future.  P.M.
  • I absolutely love it. It’s great to connect with people that are so flexible and nice!
  • Immigrant Networks is a chance to meet interesting people with diverse international work experience. It was very constructive, my match was great, we shared our experiences and she helped me to explore more opportunities I was not aware of. Thank you!
  • It was a great match. Really good exchange, we talked about our job research and how to deal with rejection.
  • The meeting was great. I want to meet more professionals in management and consultants with many years of experiences and improved professional network. I would like to be a part of their professional network to share HR opportunities.
  • It was an interesting conversation where we learned about each other and our current skills, areas of improvement to better focus on our career pathway in data analytics. We connected on LinkedIn and have shared a couple of emails since then.
  • “The meeting with Jefus was extremely productive. Although she had some connection issue, it didn’t affect the outcome. We shared LinkedIn profiles,  experiences about how to build networking, ideas about how to connect with professionals on our industries. 
  • I am really happy to have this opportunity to know different people and learn from them.”
  • Hi Nick, Thank you for taking this initiative. It was really nice to meet Edzel and share our professional experiences. It was a great match. Really good exchange, we talked about our job research and how to deal with rejection.
  • Our match apparently was based on our background Latino. This gave us an excellent connection and definitely we have expanded our networking.
  • Thank you!! Awesome way to connect with professionals in my field. Thank you!
  • The meeting was good, and the conversation with my match was extremely helpful for me. I hope future matches will be as good as this one.
  • Amazing experience. Excellent connection I would love to have the opportunity to have more meetings like this. Thank you!
  • Very productive conversations so far, possibilities to expand our networks. Thank you guys, nice initiative! We all know how hard is to find a real match in these ” strange” challenging situation we are all experiencing these days.
  • It was good. We were able to share experiences however both were in the same levels of maturity when it came to experience. But it was good!
  • The experience was excellent, I was very happy to know my match and share some insights and tips for the future. I would like to connect with people from Vancouver as well. Thank you.
  • The match with XYZ was a good one. It was impressive to note that he was already well involved as a student in his college taking up roles with student association that can have potential impact in his future job search. He intentionally aligned his path within the community with his future prospects. We both learnt from each other, and he also made a recommendation with his college counsellor on an inquiry i needed to make about a certification process. Overall, it was great. Thank you for putting up this wonderful perspective of connecting people together 
  • The service has worked perfectly for me matching other individual’s profiles and backgrounds with mine. Great work, thank you!
  • The match was great we shared a lot in common and so we were able to discuss our experiences. We were able to discuss our transitioning experience to Canada and share tips about approaching someone for the purposes of networking for the very first time. We have since connected on LinkedIn. S.K.G
  • It is an excellent initiative and I already had the honor to connect with 3 of your participants. So, my network is growing, mission accomplished. R.P