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Research shows immigrants with professional networks succeed faster professionally!​

Join the expanding community of 23,000+ professionals at Immigrant Networks to enhance your job prospects and advance your career in Canada.

As a community focused on immigrants, we address the professional challenges newcomers face. We do this with specialised workshops, one-on-one mentoring, Peer-to-Peer-Networking, and other valuable resources aimed at supporting immigrants in their Canadian careers.

The best part? It’s all free every week!

Meet mentors who root for newcomers in Canada

Have a question about your career? Confused about your job search? Ask our excellent team of  mentors who care deeply about your integration in Canada. 

Always on call to offer advice, our mentor community is a diverse group of professionals who generously volunteer to help newcomers find their footing in Canada. They offer guidance across various industries from Technology, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity to Sales, Marketing, Education, Engineering, and more.

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Helping a Community to Reinvent Itself

Through our platform, we help you build well-rounded skill sets that boost your employability. We also connect you to top Canadian companies that are aligned to your expertise and career aspirations.

This 100% digital experience offers a safe, inclusive and bias-free environment for every immigrant to discover their potential.


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Why join Immigrant Networks?

Our strategic resources prepare you for a career in Canada.

Experience a Supportive Network

Leverage a thriving network of immigrant professionals who are ready to lend a helping hand any time of day.

Learn from the Very Best Industry Experts

Train under accomplished mentors who know the Canadian job market and go the extra mile for you.

Join Career-Boosting Workshops

Discover the nuances of building a Canadian career and develop new skill sets through free weekly workshops.

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9 Steps + 90 Days = Employment

  1. LinkedIn: Get trained on utilising your LinkedIn profile as a strategic tool in your job search.
  2. Resume: Get expert advice on creating customised resumes according to Canadian standards.
  3. 12 Networking Matches: Expand your network to get access to hidden job opportunities, industry information, and more.
  1. Mentorship: Finish 5 networking matches to become eligible for personal mentoring by an immigrant.
  2. 12 Speed Networking Events: Join our Wednesday Speed Networking Calls and meet new professionals weekly.
  3. 9 Live and Recorded Events: Watch and participate in our expert-led events designed to boost every aspect of your job search journey.
  1. Speak to 4 Ambassadors: Connect with our Ambassador team to get inside information on your industry, and learn from their experience.
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