How It Works


There are just a few steps to start getting professional connections. You just have to fill in the registration form and submit online. Don’t forget to insert the link to your LinkedIn profile especially if you are new to Canada as that will give us your professional information. This increases the chances of you getting more successful matches so if you need to update your LinkedIn profile, do it now.


After you have filled in the registration form, our genius software begins to find the best match for you so that you can tap into the job and business opportunities in Canada. It will enable you to connect every week for a one on one video call with a professional. You will get these professional connections with a calendar invite and a video link embedded in it. Just accept it and start connecting.


These matches will continue to flow in your inbox by email, weekly. You can also get in touch with us if in case these matches are not a fit for you. Just reply to an email that you will receive after the video call asking for your feedback. Keep in mind that this is not about the person you met but more about the kind of match you want. So, just register now! grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these professional connections.