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Immigrant Networks

Our 90 Day Promise

Wondering how to step up your employability? Our 90 Days Promise is designed to help boost your confidence, skill set, and knowledge of the Canadian job market. Here’s what we have in store for you:
  • Weekly matches with peers in your field
  • Access to career-building workshops
  • Speed Networking Sessions every Wednesday


Connecting Canadian businesses with immigrant talent

Showcase your skills on ImmTalent, and connect with Canadian employers keen to hire immigrant talent.

PLUS, if you get hired through our platform, you get 1% of your annual salary in your bank account!*


Learn from the best mentors in the business

Boost your hiring chances under the guidance and advice of your personal mentor. This one-on-one training helps you develop a practical understanding of your field in Canada, and gives you a competitive edge.


Value-driven courses to bridge the skill gap

Browse our curated library of professional courses designed to put the finishing touches on your budding skill sets. Led by experts, this platform offers a wide variety of affordable courses on personal branding, digital marketing, leadership skills, and more.


The Speed Networking Wednesday sessions are always completely free! You need to register for the event and the virtual meeting link will appear when you submit your registration. 

Once you have registered on our website, the software will send you your match within 48 hours, sometimes less.

Absolutely. Reply all to the email you receive which goes to the guest and copies us as well.

Every Immigrant Networks member who appears for five peer-to-peer matches qualifies for a mentorship session with an expert of their field.

Yes. Our software gets information from your LinkedIn profile in order to match you

A large percentage of international students choose to become permanent residents. All students need to be job ready in order to get the requisite hours to qualify for PR. This is where we can help by creating a virtual network for your profession in Canada

At this stage we are only offering one meeting a week but stay tuned for more on this soon!

No, this serves people based on their LinkedIn profile. So there are no restrictions in professions

Boost Your Business With Immigrant Talent

Newcomers to Canada offer a fresh and diverse outlook that can benefit business owners and managers.

Expertise & Innovation

Immigrant talent comes equipped with updated skill sets and a drive to think out-of-the-box.

Diversity of Thought

Hiring talent professionals from diverse backgrounds can infuse new energy into your business.

Better Retention

With excellent work ethic, newcomers highly value their jobs as it makes it easier for them to assimilate in Canada.

Immigrant Networks

Find your next great hire with Immigrant Networks

We help you finding the talent that you’re looking for.


Our team of HR professionals boasts years of experience working in Canada, dedicated to connecting you with the talent you need. With their expertise, they excel at identifying exceptional candidates, having sat on the other side of the hiring table for many years.

We maintain a database of verified immigrants currently living and working in Canada. Please note, we only consider candidates who are based in Canada.

We offer cultural integration programs for every immigrant who registers with us.

We provide continuous support to immigrants, whether they are employed or not. Our comprehensive guidance ensures candidates are well-versed in Canadian work culture, communication practices, and effective integration into an organization within their first 90 days.

Most importantly, we train them on how to add value to the organisation with the extensive international experience they have.

We do all of this at NO EXTRA COST to the employer.

Canada attracts a lot of skilled and highly skilled talent who have exposure to operationally efficient firms across the world.

With Canada’s expanding economy, its integration with the global economy is set to increase significantly in the near future. Therefore, adopting and integrating global practices will become increasingly crucial in the coming times.

They have a drive to succeed and add value to a company’s success.

A manager is as strong as their team. Building a team with skilled talent; diverse background and experience ensures that you as a manager eventually add value and execute impactful ideas to benefit the organisation.

Almost a quarter of Canada’s population was born outside the country. It is important to reflect our diversity in our workplaces to connect with these consumers. 

Please fill the form and our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Or, send an email to and/or and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

9 Steps + 90 Days = Employment

  1. LinkedIn: Get trained on utilising your LinkedIn profile as a strategic tool in your job search.
  2. Resume: Get expert advice on creating customised resumes according to Canadian standards.
  3. 12 Networking Matches: Expand your network to get access to hidden job opportunities, industry information, and more.
  1. Mentorship: Finish 5 networking matches to become eligible for personal mentoring by an immigrant.
  2. 12 Speed Networking Events: Join our Wednesday Speed Networking Calls and meet new professionals weekly.
  3. 9 Live and Recorded Events: Watch and participate in our expert-led events designed to boost every aspect of your job search journey.
  1. Speak to 4 Ambassadors: Connect with our Ambassador team to get inside information on your industry, and learn from their experience.
  2. Subscribe and comment on Immigrant Networks LinkedIn Newsletter: Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on crucial job market related news.
  3. Read Immigrant Networks LinkedIn Posts: Follow us on social media & learn from the tips, guides, and videos.