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Welcome to Canada, a land full of opportunities, maple syrup, hockey, and a diverse cuisine. We understand that starting a new chapter in a foreign land can be both exhilarating and daunting. Apart from seeking new experiences, accommodation, food, and employment, you also want to develop your network, personal connections, get guidance with a dash of insider knowledge. And who could be better suited to provide these gems of wisdom than experienced professionals who have already walked the path you aspire to follow?

Yes, Informational interviews act as a key that opens the door to a network of experienced individuals eager to share their insights with newcomers like you and, once upon a time, me.

These interviews are not just about information. They’re about building relationships, forging connections, and expanding your professional network. These encounters can potentially lead to mentorship opportunities, job referrals, or even lifelong friendships with like-minded professionals.

If you wish to learn more about this new tool, then grab your notepad, prepare your questions, and let the magic of informational interviews guide you towards the career of your dreams.

What is an information interview?

Informational interviews are meetings with professionals in one’s field of interest to learn about their career paths, experiences, and insights. These are not job interviews, but rather an opportunity to gain knowledge and advice from someone who has already navigated the industry. Through these interviews one can gather firsthand knowledge about a particular position and industry.

How do Informational Interviews help Immigrants in Canada?

Informational interview can help in numerous ways.

Explore the Hidden Job market

Through informational interviews, you can gain access to the hidden job market. Before job positions are even advertised, professionals could recommend you for opportunities or provide insight into impending openings.


Through informational interviews, individuals can gain personalized guidance that is tailored to their unique circumstances. These conversations provide an opportunity to seek advice and insights that directly address their specific needs and goals. Furthermore, one can easily tap into the wealth of knowledge that professionals have gained from their own career paths. Imagine having a mentor by your side, offering valuable support and guidance as you navigate your professional journey.

Well! now that we know the benefits of informational interviews, how do we get one?

The answer is quite simple! We follow the RRR approach! (PS we are not talking about the movie!)


The first stage in conducting a successful informative interview is to thoroughly research the interviewee’s background and experience. Set your objectives based on it. Are you looking for information, assistance, or prospective career leads? Having specific objectives aids in the direction of your questions and guarantees that you acquire useful information during the interview. You demonstrate your appreciation for their thoughts by exhibiting real interest in and knowledge of their work. For example, if you’re passionate about marketing and the interviewee is an expert in that sector, highlight your previous marketing experience and current employment. This will create a bond and set the stage for a meaningful discourse.

Reach out

When reaching out for an informational interview, make it personal. For instance, if you’re new to Canada, mention that you have recently immigrated and show them your enthusiasm to learn and grow. You can also highlight your shared interests to create a more meaningful connection. Your focus should be on crafting thought-provoking open-ended questions which will allow detailed responses and discussion. Prepare questions about the interviewee’s experiences as well as broader questions about the field. This way, you can leverage the interview as an opportunity for your own professional development.


Actively listen to the interviewee, exhibit curiosity, and express interest. Take detailed notes to capture key points and insights. Active listening and note-taking will demonstrate your commitment to learning and making the interviewee feel valued. Don’t forget to express your heartfelt gratitude to the interviewee for their time and insights after the conversation. To thank them and show your appreciation, send a follow-up email or message, and connect with them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Informational interviews are valuable opportunities to build connections, gain insights, and learn from experienced professionals. By following these tips, you can make the most of your informational interviews and establish meaningful relationships.

If you are still wondering how do I take my first step in this direction, then we will be glad to assist you. As a community of immigrants created to assist immigrants, we focus on providing a safe space for professionals to connect with one another.

By registering with us at www.immigrantnetworks.com, we endeavour to provide you an opportunity to connect with professionals working in your desired field.

Go ahead! Give it a try!

Networking to get working! 💪

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