Who We Are

Immigrant Networks is a brainchild of one of Canada’s best-known immigrant Nick Noorani. He is known for his social and entrepreneurial work with newcomers. He is also the founder of the Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Prepare for Canada and Arrival Survival Canada, which is published by Oxford University Press.

This is the story behind Immigrant Networks, in his own words.

“The pandemic was the most unfortunate thing that could happen to mankind but it was even worse for immigrants and students transitioning into permanent residence status as it had the most horrifying outcomes. An estimated million immigrants were laid off in the days after the lockdown even though were the backbone of the economy during the crisis as they did low-paid jobs like cab drivers, front-line caregivers and farmworkers. Immigrants took these jobs not because they are not professionally qualified, but because they aren’t recognized due to zero or little Canadian experience. And even that was taken away from them as the pandemic struck. So just imagining how they must be coping kept me awake at nights. I kept thinking of long-term solutions to help my immigrant brethren.”

“With my previous ventures, I addressed specific pain points and succeeded in creating successful products that helped hundreds of thousands of immigrants. And so finally, I landed on a pain point that I long believed had not successfully been resolved as a sustainable program.


This is such an important aspect for this audience. As an immigrant, my first thought when I landed was ‘how can I talk to someone from my field? and I often came across these questions in my head as I started my immigrant journey.”

‘Should I be living in another Province for better job prospects?’, ‘how does the Canadian job market look like?’,

‘what other career options do I have in Canada?’

‘What and how is the work culture in Canadian jobs?’

‘How can I connect with the best employers in Canada?

‘Which job board works well in Canada?’

‘What if I wanna start a business in Canada? What are its chances, how do I connect with a mentor? how does the process look like?

All these questions and only Networking could answer these questions.

It was already so difficult in the pre-covid era and it became even harder as those face-to-face opportunities disappeared in the lockdown.

So I thought to myself can we use Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to make networking more intuitive and beneficial? and also Covid-19 compliant!

And COVID-19 compliant!

How could I help them enhance their soft and presentation skills? what if I introduce some inexpensive online courses and certification?

What if I could introduce an AI which can enhance a resume that showcases candidate’s skills?

What if I could empower them to get job offers from Canada’s leading employers directly into their inbox through a rewarding network?

And thus, Immigrant Networks was born. I want to use technology to get you- the immigrant and international students, jobs that you desire.

In the coming months as we roll out, you will see how Canada’s top and best Employers want to connect with you and offer jobs.

Meanwhile, come join hands with us, spread the word to your friends and others, who are in a similar situation.

And keep in touch as we go through this journey together and lift each other for a better tomorrow!”


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Connect with top employers and recruiters in Canada. They need your skills.


Our goal is to use this platform to connect you with Canada’s best employers based on your skill-set with the help of our software’s Artificial Intelligence. We want to empower every immigrant and international students by enhancing their networking skills so that they aren’t left behind. We want every immigrant to be recognized on basis of their qualification and capabilities. So do share this vision with friends and colleagues.

Better Together.